Pharmacy Services

Our team is highly trained in all aspects of community pharmacy. We always have a very experienced pharmacist on hand to inform and advise you of the roles of the various medicines in your prescription and how best to take them. Also, a pharmacist is available to talk to you in private if required.

If you take multiple medications or take medicines on a long term basis and would like your tablets to be better organised you can take advantage of our Blister Pack System.

The pharmacy will dispense your weekly medicines into weekly trays with separate compartments for each day of the week and times of the day, it is then ready for you to remove the tablets for that day or time allowing you to keep track of your own medicines or medicines for those you care for.

We offer a Repeat Prescription Service where you can leave your repeat prescriptions on file with us. This way you can phone ahead and ask us to prepare your medicines for collection at a time that suits you.  This helps cut down on waiting times and ensures that your prescription history is held in one pharmacy, enabling us to safely dispense and advise you on any medication needs.

You can also avail of our Text & Collect Service where we will send you a reminder by text two days before your repeat prescription is due and once you reply we can prepare your prescription for you so it is ready for collection.